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Interior Design

Your Ideal Space Expressed In A Workable Plan

Design is the creative process where imagination and feasibility tangle, ultimately yielding to a new possibility.


We know how to get your idea from point A to the finish point, Z.

Empty Office Lounge

layouts & finishes

Remodels and renovations require two levels of design. The layout shows where features of each space will be placed. Design finishes reflect your aesthetic, how all the features work together to define the visual and emotional experience the space provides. Zee Construction collaborates with you so the final design expresses your vision and is buildable within the budget you set for the project.

  • In-person discussion and plan development

  • Two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) renderings

  • Project inputs, such as timeline related to design features

  • Help selecting finishes to match your desired style. Everything from flooring, countertops and tile to paint, trim colors and materials.

  • Project plans, including budget, that match your vision

Zee supports you at whatever design service level you need.


structural design

Additions and new construction require plans that address the building’s structural integrity and local construction requirements. 

Zee partners with highly skilled architects and engineers who work as part of our collaborative team. We advocate for your vision and budget throughout the planning and construction process. 


flow through
Modern House Entrance

flow-through process

A masterpiece room, home or building starts at the drawing phase. That’s why we get involved from the beginning. By overseeing every phase, we apply your vision and our standards so the end result is everything you imagined.

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