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Modern Kitchen

Your Zee Experience

The Flow-Through Process

Our focus is on continual progress from the start all the way to your project’s completion. Within each phase we orchestrate every activity, including materials acquisition, toward a mutually understood timeline. We ensure completion of every detail so the entire construction process moves forward, as planned.


We are transparent regarding all aspects of your project. We arrange in-person walk-throughs with you and provide routine communications.


Whether you are remodeling one room or constructing an entirely new building, we follow the same overall process.

  • Discovery Call, our first conversation about your vision and our approach.

  • Walk-Through Meeting, where you show us the site and share details about your desired result. For complex projects, a second on-site meeting is advisable.

  • Cost Quote delivered in two weeks’ time, unless otherwise stated at the Walk-Through Meeting.

  • Discussion Meeting to answer questions, hash out any additional details and formalize our work agreement.

  • Work Agreement spells out the timeline and materials, including finishes.

  • Design Phase for collaborating on the layout and aesthetic approach. We work with your Designer if you already have a plan.

  • Construction Start.

  • Escorted in-person walk-throughs plus inspection at the end of each construction phase.

  • Final walk-through and opportunity to identify final items that require attention.

  • Final cleaning, so your new space is ready to occupy.

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