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Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Purpose

ZEE Design & Build ("ZEE") has adopted this Policy to govern the treatment of our your Personal Information. The loss of Personal Information can result in substantial harm to individuals, including embarrassment, inconvenience, and fraudulent use of the information. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Information is a critical responsibility that ZEE takes seriously at all times.

2. Personal Information

Personal Information means information ZEE has collected or otherwise maintains or has in its possession that identifies or can be used to identify or authenticate you, including, but not limited to:

  • Names.

  • Addresses.

  • Telephone numbers.

  • Email addresses.

  • Financial account numbers.

  • Geolocation data.


3. Access, Use, and Sharing of Personal Information

ZEE will only access Personal Information when the information relates to and is necessary to perform its job duties. ZEE only shares Personal Information with another party (e.g., Sub-Contractor) if the recipient has a job-related need to know that information. Personal Information may only be shared with a Third-Party Provider if it has a need to know the information for the purpose of providing the contracted services/materials, and then only if sharing the Personal Information complies with the privacy notice provided to the you.

4. Rights

You have rights when it comes to how your Personal Information is handled. These rights may vary depending on the applicable jurisdiction, but may include for example:

  • The right to know what Personal Information the ZEE maintains about you and/or with whom the ZEE has shared the Personal Information.

  • The right to access or correct the Personal Information, including obtaining the specific pieces of information we collected from you.

  • A right to delete the Personal Information.

  • A right to opt-out of Personal Information sales.

  • A right to opt-out of using Personal Information for targeting advertising or marketing purposes.

  • A right to limit or consent to certain sensitive personal information uses or disclosures.

ZEE will always comply with applicable laws regarding your rights.

5. Retention and Disposal  

ZEE will keep your Personal Information only for the amount of time needed to fulfill the legitimate business purpose for which it was collected or to satisfy a legal requirement. ZEE follows records retention schedules and policies and destroys any media containing Personal Information in accordance with its records disposal policy.

6. Amendment and Revision

This Policy may be revised from time to time. This Policy was last revised on 4.1.2024.

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